Learning objectives of the Telemedicine module

  1. Students will be introduced to the concept of telemedicine and healthcare challenges in relation to telemedicine.
  2. Students will learn about current technological challenges and opportunities in the field of telemedicine.
  3. Students will learn how to communicate effectively (including nonverbal) with patients in a virtual space. (Patient communication guides)
  4. Students will discuss the development of telemedicine apps and startups as a solution to healthcare challenges. (GDPR & HIPAA COMPLIANT)
  5. Students will discuss and analyze relevant use cases in the field of telemedicine.
  6. Students with a technical background will be exposed to several major health issues as well as the privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns that are present in healthcare today.
  7. Students with a healthcare background will become familiar with the technical aspects of privacy and information security concerns regarding the storing and sharing of private health information. (MALPRAXIS)
  8. Students will explore issues associated with telemedicine use including forces driving to adoption of telemedicine, liability and insurance, reimbursement, and career opportunities.
  9. Students will be provided a forum for critical discussion of current developments, research topics, and impact within the field of telemedicine.
  10. Students will be provided a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration focused on future directions for telemedicine (e.g., communication, research, and development).
  11. Practical activities
  12. Data protection & regulation

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