• To provide information in an efficient and effective way is a standard challenge of everyday life.             

Example: Group-based learning
Students get short information (two sentences). Three students are selected to prepare the communication to transfer the information to the other student. The communication uses three approaches:  
The first student makes a drawing of the information on a white board, and the students have to identify the information and have to write it down. The second student transfers the information in a nonverbal way without drawing or use of other means. The third student has to summarize the information in one sentence using a maximum of words. The other students also note the content they can identify.

Finally, the original information is presented. Students give an analysis of which content they got from three “massage conveyors” and where the problem of misunderstanding can be identified. Finally, each student formulates the information in one sentence.

  • Learners get assessments to develop multimedia-based information in the medical environment.

Example: Develop a multimedia-based presentation the checking of a patient's blood pressure as an instruction for beginners.

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