• Case studies and Project Based Learning are typical elements in real life.
  • The Cornell System is a well-proven method that might be used in general learning as well as might be applied to analyse problems and to create solutions (Cornell).
Example 1

Use of the Cornell Method for the professional group medical-technical laboratory assistant and medical-technical laboratory assistant.

For the learning field designing communication processes, theoretical content such as communication techniques, presentation techniques, conversational skills, conflict management or IT-supported forms of communication can be quickly grasped by the participants. A three-part grid table with two columns and a field for the summary (see example below!) Creates a basic structure for the records before the lecture or seminar. During the lecture or the explanatory phase, the contents are noted in the note column in short sentences or groups of words. If possible, after the lesson or the lecture, questions should be formulated based on the right column in the left column. Formulating the right questions and writing them down helps to grasp the subject matter. As a result, this technique enables recitation by covering the note column and trying to answer the questions in the left column that you formulated yourself. The answers to the questions should be given in your own words and, above all, out loud. In the Summary field, the comments and keywords should be summarized after the lesson. The last learning step can be called a repetition and consists of two further learning steps, reflecting and checking. The check should be used for at least ten minutes each week.

Further reading:

  • http://lsc.cornell.edu/study-skills/cornell-note-taking-system
  • Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture: Framework guidelines for training medical-technical laboratory assistant / medical-technical laboratory assistant and medical-technical radiology assistant / Medical-technical radiology).

The Cornell Method supports active learning during the Distance Learning phases as well.

Example 2

Students watch a video. Watching videos is a kind of passive learning. The students get the assignment to create Cornell notes and to formulate a certain number of questions (one to three) as well as to create the one or two sentences summary. The engagement with the Cornell notes forces learners to watch the video more intensively and even to repeat several parts of the video to create the notes. This approach is responsible for the deeper going sustained learning.

Example of the three-part grid for the Cornell Method


Topic:                                                  Date:



Here you create the list of keywords (with short explanation)





Here you make your notes






Table 1: Cornell Grid

This is the note sheet that goes into class. A heading is entered, the note area is filled during the lecture, then the questions are formulated on the left and the summary below.

Source: https://projekte-leicht-machen.de/blog/softskills/zeitmanagement/cornell-notizen

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