Elearning is an umbrella term used for learning with technology. Specific knowledge in this unit will be:

A didactic design for eLearning provides structure and orientation for the learning content to be conveyed. First of all, it is essential to deal with the definition of digital learning formats (e.g., blended learning, micro learning, web-based training, virtual classrooms, video-based forms of learning, ...).

The analysis of the special requirements in the respective subject area must be reflected in the conception of the digital learning format. Based on this, the learning materials are developed and used in a trial phase.

The conclusion is an evaluation, followed by correction loops to optimize the finished course. The subsequent revision records the findings in order to optimize the digital learning formats. (https://www.webcampus.de/blog/261/welche-didaktischen-konzepte-unterstuetzen-das-e-learning, no date)

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