Telepathology refers to practicing pathology from a distance. Telecommunications technology is used for facilitating the transmission of pathology image-rich data between two distant locations for diagnosis, research, and education purposes. To perform telepathology, a pathologist must choose the video images that need to be analyzed and then render a diagnosis. Using television microscopy, which preceded telepathology, didn’t require a pathologist to have a virtual or physical hands-on involvement in choosing the microscopic fields-of-view to analyze and diagnose (Farahani & Pantanowitz, 2015).

Telepathology has been used successfully for many different applications, including histopathology tissue diagnoses being rendered from a distance. In developed countries, digital pathology imaging, which includes virtual microscopy, is preferred. However, in some developing countries, analogy telepathology imaging still is used in patient services (eVisit, n.d.-a).

Last modified: Tuesday, 24 May 2022, 6:25 AM