Students will
  1. be introduced to the concept of innovation in the healthcare system.
  2. learn about challenges when it comes to innovation in the healthcare system.
  3. learn to ideate, innovate, and deliver results from innovation.
  4. learn to use a systematic approach for analyzing and improving their work in health care settings.
  5. understand and apply the key steps involved to take an innovation from idea to realization.
  6. recognize healthcare innovation initiatives.
  7. learn how innovation in healthcare can improve cost, quality, and access.
  8. learn what other elements combine to create a feasible business model for an innovative healthcare venture.
  9. learn to identify critical economic issues, evaluate determinants of demand for medical care, describe the role of physicians in resource allocation, compare competition in medical care markets, and assess policy instruments.
  10. discuss and analyze relevant use cases in the field of innovation.
  11. be provided a forum for critical discussion of current developments, research topics, and impact within the field of telemedicine.
  12. be provided a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration focused on future directions for innovation in healthcare (e.g., communication, research, development).
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