This course has the general objective to instruct students on the fundamental concepts of health analytics and big data, enabling students with full comprehension and critical attitude on the complex process of current data science field of work - that is the base for decision-making in health. It is expected that students understand the process in collecting, managing and analyzing health data, as well as approaches for transposing the results of this analysis to the decision and management of health services and its application in social problems.


At the end of this course, the student must:

  1. Know the basic concepts and principles of health analytics and Biga Data (use of secondary data and some of its sources, data collection and management, intelligent data analysis, and incorporating these concepts to health decision)
  2. Know basic concepts of health information systems (technical terms used in Health Information Systems; Information Systems architecture and processes and main sources of databases)
  3. Understand and describe the main theoretical constraints on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence systems
  4. Know the theoretical foundations and challenges of Data Governance and Data Policies.

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